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2 Answers

Get rid of inflamed acne?

Asked by: Neecy 391 views Skin & Body , , ,

I usually have really clear skin but two days ago I got a pimple that was pretty big. I tried to pop it and I know I wasn’t supposed to do that but too late now. But now it is big and red. How do I get rid of it FAST? I need to get rid of it. Is there any overnight treatment that you have tried that works? Do you know if eye drops work? Or lemon juice?


2 Answers

  1. BlueSun on Jan 11, 2013

    I know how you feel! when ever this happens to me I ALWAYS use rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. It might sting at first but it definitely works like a charm :) good luck xxx

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  2. mattg244 on Jan 11, 2013

    A dab of mint tooth paste overnight

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