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How can i grow my hair out longer?

Asked by: Gail 291 views Hair , , , , ,

I have longish hair, but it seems to stop after it gets to that point of poofy hair, i want it to cover my eyes, is there anything i can do that doesn’t require taking pills, i have wavy hair and im redheaded, so if there is someone out there that studies cosmetology, or is really smart with hair and etc. then please tell me how to grow my hair longer.
Please & Thank You!

1 Answers

  1. simon_k11 on Nov 28, 2012

    Pills, potions and lotions don’t EVER work to make hair grow faster. It grows at about 1/2 in a month. Some hair is just naturally puffy, check out a straightener it will help get rid of the puffiness. Best advice is to keep your hair healthy, and allow it to grow at its own pace.

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