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5 Answers

How do you do this makeup look?

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I know how to do winged eyeliner on the top lid, but this look seems to encompass both lash lines. I’m not sure if it’s all eyeshadow or a mix of both eyeshadow and liner.

Does anyone know how to do this?
Please help me!

5 Answers

  1. larryhuckabee on Dec 28, 2012

    This is actually easier than only putting it on top, also because it’s a smokey look. All you do is draw a line coming from your outer corner, basically like where your waterline is. Draw the line lightly just as you do when only putting it on top, using whatever eyeliner you have. I recommend gel for this but liquid is okay too! Then, draw the rest on your top lid connecting it to the wing you’ve started. Fill it in with your liner. It’ll be the little winged triangle shape. Next, take a pencil liner in the same color as your liquid liner. Bring it along your bottom lash line, making it a little thicker on the outer edge until it fades to nothing before you get to the inner corner. It should be connected since you drew the wing from your water line. It might look a little weird, which is why you go back to the gel or liquid and you may need to make the wing thicker on the bottom. Just a tad though! Next, take some eye shadow, it looks like you should use black. All you have to do is go over your bottom lash line with it, blending it out. Not too much! You’ll look like a raccoon and the wing will look out of place. It’s all about patience and going with the curves or your eyes. It’s MUCH easier done than explained!! Just look at the picture as you recreate it. Good luck! :)

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  2. Honey Sugar on Dec 28, 2012

    I think the best thing to do would be draw the wing from about halfway (your pupil when looking forward) on the bottom lashline and then connecting on the top. Does that make sense? Just start from the bottom and follow the natural curve of your eye shape up to get the most natural wing, then connect the top line in a wing shape. That was with eyeliner. Then you can smudge it out and set it with eyeshadow. That’s what I would do. I hope it all works out!

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  3. Pebbles on Dec 28, 2012

    This is just eyeliner and this is what you have to do: make a thin line towards the center out, then make it thicker as you go more towards the right and draw a slight loop at the end to make a little defiance :) hope it helped :)

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  4. roflsniper on Dec 28, 2012

    This look is all about smokiness. U want to make sure u smoke out the outer corner of the bottom winged liner, i suggest patting a little dark eyeshadow down with it to help with the smokiness look

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  5. Big_al_fromoz on Dec 28, 2012

    Definitely an amount of liquid liner on top, and pencil (dark jet black) eyeliner on bottom mixed with eyeshadow?

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