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2 Answers

I have a couple questions about outdoor tanning?

Asked by: Christina 234 views Skin & Body , ,

Just a few questions. I try to get a tan every year but I barely get one. This year I’m motivated. I want to tan OUTDOORS and without a tanning bed, or spray-on-tan.

I would appreciate it if you answered the ones you know!

1) When is the best time to go outside and tan? (Times + what month to start)
2) How long does it take?
3) I saw people that put baby oil or sometimes even vegetable oil to help get a tan. I know it’s bad, but now a days almost everything is bad for you, and if I was to wash it off when I came back indoors would that be okay?

4) {This is the main question I wanted to ask actually} What is the best drugstore/walmart sun tan lotion or product that helps you get a tan (not a spray-on-tan though)

Thanks so much ? c:

2 Answers

  1. davs on May 03, 2013

    Ahhh let’s see1. 10am-2pm 2. I’d start with one hour (don’t want to burn)3. Baby oil will make you tan AND burn faster4. Sun tan lotions have different number…the higher the number the more protection…think its SPF

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  2. joes on May 03, 2013

    sit in your car and let the sunshine on your wndows glasses,especally when you goto beach.

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