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I need help with Alba Botanica Mini Peel?

Asked by: Nancy 370 views Skin & Body , ,

I recently bought this product . It says its a mini peel , I read the instructions but it says rinse well only . If its suppose to be a "peel" then why doesn’t it dry up to the point where i can peel it off . Instructions say wait up to 5 minutes . I do so but it’s still moist . I am so confused . I need help

1 Answers

  1. Guardian Angel on Aug 09, 2013

    They’re called peels because they dissolved the dead skin and toxins on the surface of the face, and by doing that they "peel" away the dead skin without you needing to literally peel anything. If you feel it tingling, it’s working. And it’s supposed to stay moist because if the product dried up on your face and you had to physically peel it off of your skin, it would cause damage (being that this product already contains AHA.) Just rinse it off after the 5 minutes and you’re done.

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