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2 Answers

Is there anything wrong in wearing these sandals ?

Asked by: Malinda 1239 views Other - Beauty & Style , , , ,

I am 17 and I like wearing my moms sandals. I think I have a fetish for womens heels. My mom has a pair of sandals that I like to wear. I wear them occassionally when she isn’t home. I feel happy and comfortable when wearing them they are so soft and cute I walk around the house with them while doing chores. I doubt she knows I wear her sandals because she uses them a lot. I just want to know if you know anyone like me or heard anything of the sort. I don’t fully crossdress I just like the sandals. Is it okay or is it wrong in what I am doing. She has a pair like these.


2 Answers

  1. Chocolate Madness on Aug 09, 2013

    I say do whatever makes you happy. If its those sandals then go for it.

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  2. Tanika on Aug 09, 2013

    i can see this fetish getting out of hand in the near future.

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