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Is this Michael Kors bag fake?

Asked by: Chocolate Angel 282 views Fashion & Accessories , , ,

I found a Michael kors bag on amazon for $207 there are no reviews on the product but it has pictures of the bag and it shows a picture of the inside of the bag and it says Michael kors in all capital letters all over the inside but when I look up purses on the actual Michael kors website the inside of the purses only have the initials someone help me figure out if the purse on amazon is a fake

1 Answers

  1. Tamzine on Aug 05, 2013

    All authentic Michael Kors bags have a lining which consists of just the initials inside of a circle, anything other than that constitutes a knockoff. If you go into the Michael Kors store, or any other authorized retailer, this is all you will find. Don’t buy it, knockoffs are a waste of money and you can get the real thing on sale at department stores or even at like TJ Maxx for a lot cheaper. And then you will know its real, too!

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