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I've been wearing these bracelets for 4 years now?

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Sorry if I put this in the wrong category, I’m not sure where to put it.

I’ve had these 2 braided bracelets for 4 years
now. I got them on vacation in Delaware. One I got a year earlier than the other and the other one is from the last vacation I went on with my grandfather before he passed away. I’ll admit it, the bracelets are pretty ugly but I just can’t not wear them. They’ve started to break and I put duct tape on them too. People always stare at me because of them and ask about them. The bracelets mean so much to me though, especially the one I got on the last vacation I went on with my grandpa. He passed away 2 years ago and I miss him so much. The bracelets remind me of him. Once one of the bracelets fell off while I was sleeping and I went to school without it and didn’t even notice. When I got home I saw it wasn’t on my wrist and I pretty much had a panic attack. I did find it in my bed though. Sometimes I wish I had picked a metal bracelet or something instead of the braided ones just because they’ve stretched out through the years and gotten really big and annoying. No matter how hard I try though I have to wear them. I take them off in the shower, when I go in the pool or do anything water related and when I go on stage for dance recitals because since they’re so stretched out and big they always fly off my wrists. This year when school starts in going to try to leave them home and just wear them when I’m not in school. It’s going to be really hard for me though. What can I do to remember my grandfather rather than wear the bracelets? I’ve wanted to get one of those necklaces that you put cremains in but my grandmother has his cremains and I’m too scared to ask her because I’m not sure if she’d let me or not. I just miss my grandpa so much and the bracelets are my way of remembering him. I’m starting to tear up writing this so in gonna stop now xD

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