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Asked by: Chocolate Butterscotch 451 views Fashion & Accessories , , , , ,

i’ve had it for a few weeks now and i’m hooked! i’m on it everyday, i’m very active. I have cool boards i even find my own pins of various blogs to upload. So why have i only 5 followers? i feel like i have a great page and no one is finding me :(

this is my page


2 Answers

  1. BankGuy on Aug 30, 2012

    Pinterest is growing so fast, that it’s harder and harder to "stand out". Your boards do look nice, the only thing I’d suggest is that they’re perhaps quite "mainstream" in that many, many people have similar boards. I tend to pick up a few new followers each day, some following everything, some just one or two boards, the thing is that some of my interests are quite obscure and I think that if you have any "odd" interests, especially anything vintage, historical or antique related, you’re more likely to appeal to like-minded people on Pinterest. And as you follow more people or boards yourself, I’m sure you’ll find a few choosing to follow you back (just this morning i started following a board to which someone had repinned a couple of my pins). Are any of your facebook friends on Pinterest too? You could follow each other. Good luck xx

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