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3 Answers

Should I bleach again or dye?

Asked by: Cotton Candy Tickles 417 views Hair , , ,

I would like to go a light blonde, I’ve decided to do it in steps starting with ombre.
Ive bleached the ends starting from around my shoulders (my hair is quite long)

The ends are a dark blonde, and sometimes in bright lights a medium blonde.
My hair isn’t that damaged at all, and no orange either, I was surprised because my hair was so dark, I left the bleach on for about 50 minutes btw.

I want to go lighter still
So a couple of questions,
1) should I re bleach it ? Or use the blonde dyes, (however will the blonde dyes last
2) my hair has a little bit of a green tint to it on some areas, how can I get rid of that.
3) how long should I wait between bleaching and dying?

(I dont have a lot of money so please no suggesting any expensive products)

Also if I should rebleach should I use exactly the same product as I used before?

3 Answers

  1. Tabitha on Aug 07, 2013

    if on the preexisting bleached sections you might want to use purple toner in stead , purple toner may sound bizzare , however because its in the oppisite spetrum to yellow itll make it white . useing a tonner is far less damageing then rebleaching

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  2. BoSoxFan on Aug 07, 2013

    Okay im naturally blonde, and i dyed my hair red, then black, then tried bleaching it and went back red then eventually got blonde again, it took me forever.If you’ve got healthy hair, and your current colour is natural, bleach it all in one go, see how it turns out, if it needs doing again, do it. dont use dyes, they’ll end up turning your hair a funny colour. If you manage the tone you wanted to achieve well done.if its a bit orangey or anything, use a toner. Its like a bright purple shampoo and a lilacy conditioner, they work a treat :) doesnt matter what products you use :)

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