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3 Answers

Swollen Eyebrow piercing?

Asked by: Starry Eyes 622 views Skin & Body

My eye brow is swollen after my recent eyebrow piercing and it’s pushing on my eyelid.
I got my eyebrow pierced three days ago. The two first days were fine, I disinfected with sea salt and antibacterial soap, gently raising the piercing up and down to clean the jewlery. My eye brow was perfectly fine, barely painful and totally not swollen. However yesterday night it started swelling and now its pushing on my eyelid which gives me a kind of crooked eye and it is red. There is a tiny amount of blood when I move the piercing to clean it. I still disinfect with sea salt and soap. My question. Is it normal ? Will it go down ? Does it happen to anyone getting an eyebrow piercing ?
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3 Answers

  1. Clemmie on Nov 22, 2012

    the EXACT same thing happened to me when i got my snakebites pierced. you may have bumped it, idk. make sure you don’t take it out because if it’s infected the infection will get trapped when the piercing closes.when i had that problem i went down to the piercing shop that has a really good reccommended piercer and got her to take a look, i was having an allergic reaction to the bars.. you may be having the same problem because mine went exactly how you’ve explained it.if it is an allergic reaction you’ll just have to go on antibiotics for a week and sit there for 10 mins while your piercer changes the bar to a different metal.. which really does hurt but feels so much better once it’s done. keep cleaning it and take a trip down there, goodluck xo

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  2. steveN on Nov 22, 2012

    you probably bumped it while you were sleeping and it got infected. If it is pressing against your eyelid you should go see your peircer and ask about it. Normaly piercings take a few hours to completly swell up after getting it pierced maybe yours just took longer but I think you bumped it some how and it got infected

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  3. Sweet on Nov 22, 2012

    It’s pretty normal for almost any piercing to become swollen and painful. What kind of soap are yu using? Yu cant just use any soap. If yu can, go to the store and purchase anti bacterial Dial soap, wash it with that 2 times a day, and clean it with sea salt 2-3 times a day as well. Also try not to move it or play with it. If youre really worried yu can also call back the shop and ask them for advice. Hope I helped and good luck (:

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