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2 Answers

What health insurance company does Jo-Ann fabrics use?

Asked by: Jamie 590 views Insurance , ,

I am looking to find out what health insurance company Jo-Ann Fabrics uses, specifically for distribution center employees.

2 Answers

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    Guinness on Nov 06, 2012

    Look up the phone number for their main office and ask for the human resources department. Tell them you are considering a job in their distribution center (whether or not you actually are asking for that reason) and ask what health insurance company covers their employees. They may or may not answer the question. If they decline to answer hang up and call the next day and ask the receptionist who answers the main phone number. They are not obligated to answer your question unless you actually have interview for a job with the company unless you have a court order.Most companies review their employee benefits every year so what you learn now could easily be changed.

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  2. dude on Nov 06, 2012

    It’s private information, protected by the privacy laws – oh, and likely changes every year. You’re going to have to ask a distribution center employee.

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