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What is a foundation for acne prone skin witch doesn't become flaky or slide of your face?

Asked by: Candy Sparkles 500 views Makeup , ,

I have been struggling with acne for the past 3 years and have found that all the foundations i have tried don’t work. My problem area is under my nose and around my chin, and this area is now looking like a rash. I also mainly struugle with whiteheads and i find it hard to cover these up too.

Foundations either turn me orange as i have a very fair complexion that is even lighter than nude/natural. If they fail to do this they become flaky under my nose and head and slide off my chin nose and cheeks.

Ideally i would also like to spend around £10
but if there was anything that was truly extroadinary i would be willing to spend more.

Please please can anyone tell me if they know of any foundation with a finish that looks natural.and can suit to ALL of my needs. I am literally living in what feels like hell as i am walking around with a severe looking rash around my face!!

3 Answers

  1. :ddeni on Jan 11, 2013

    Maybe Wake me up by Maybelline,currently its on a sale in many UK stores for example Wilkinson arouund £5 from what I know and Superdrug or Boots less than £8.I heard loreal lumi magique is good too but i think you should google that just to make sure,and also the maxfactor foundations are good too but as at the drugstore.THey should be able to help bbut if you do have any questions as a beautician Im willing to answer any questions hun

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  2. DaveM on Jan 11, 2013

    clinique has one that will clear you up and cover up all that stuff i just dont remember what its called (you could always look it up on their website) also clinique is mostly sold at stores that will match your true shade to you (which wont look orange) only thing is its a tad more expensive

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  3. Love Tweets on Jan 11, 2013

    Cover Girl, all their foundation is for sensitive skin and they just came out with on specifically for overly sensitive skin.

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