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Which Disney backpack looks better?

Asked by: Samantha 297 views Other - Beauty & Style , , ,

Now there, i am a fangirl. Disney is one of my fandoms. This year i have decided to buy a princess backpack (earlier i used a Finding Nemo one) . Now dont go that disney is for kids. I am 13 and still i use their products and love them dearly. So , here are two backpacks in my bucket list-

Merida (my favourite princess) -http://www.disneystore.com/merida-backpack-personalizable/mp/1331824/1000290/
Ariel- http://www.disneystore.com/backpacks-lunch-totes-accessories-ariel-backpack-personalizable/mp/1331820/1000290/

These two are pretty, glittery and BLUE. Specially the ariel one as it looks complete blue. I am a big tomboy Merida fan, but she has changed into sexy Merida. Also merida backpack doesnt looks spacious as compared to the Ariel one. Ariel backpack is so Blue and blue is my favourite colour. Ariel one also looks big. But i am a tomboy and my heart say GO MERIDA ! and then my mind says never go full retarded . Ariel is so glittery and blue but i dont like ariel that much and Merida, i love merida she is a real bad ***, but again she looks kinda sexy than her original version. WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? Please help me all the disney lovers and/or Yahooers.

So i am repeating again. Ariel one is total blue but ariel is a no to me.
And Merida’s is not so blue and is changed but i still love her.
WHICH ONE ? Please give me your opinions. Thankyou.

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