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2 Answers

which eyeliner is best for tightlining?

Asked by: Tweetie Jellybeans 363 views Makeup

I was watching makeupbytiffanyd and she said the laura mercier one was good since it was meant for tightlining

however, someone else said that a pencil eyeliner works better? Cause u need a brush with the laura mercier one so i was thinking of getting the urban decay 24 hour glide on liner..is that better?

2 Answers

  1. Tom085 on Apr 03, 2012

    UD 24/7 pencil is fab for doing the waterline and also for smudging above and below the lashes, but is very soft and doesn’t hold a point well so isn’t great for any fine or detailed work and will be too thick to push right into your lashes (I am referring to tightlining as pushing liner well into the base of your lashes, so you’re lining right between the lashes rather then alongside them) To get right into the base of your lashes you need a fairly fine applicator, either a brush, so the bristles will push between your lashes, or a pen type eyeliner with a fine nib, which is what I use. Good luck!

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  2. MikeH on Apr 03, 2012

    Try a kohl eye liner pencil, since it is more of a creamy texture. Hope I helped! :]

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