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3 Answers

Why does my new perm keep falling out?

Asked by: Susie 543 views Hair

My hair has always been hard to curl. It is fine and limp but I have a lot of hair. Years ago when I got perms on a regular basis it seemed I always had spots that fell out after the 1st washing and had to have them redone. But only once then all was well.

It has been at least 7 years since my last perm. My hair was completely straight and smooth. A month ago I got a new perm. I warned the stylist about how hard my hair was to curl and past issues with perms. I wanted big fat curls instead of the kinky curly 80′s style perms but wanted body too. So I got a piggy back perm with bigger rods. I purchased a sulfer free shampoo recommended from the salon for my new perm (mainly because their policy states they won’t fix a failed perm if you use the wrong shampoo (what they consider cheap or harsh) ..so I got theirs to make sure they had nothing to complain about). I waited 4 days to wash my hair the first time and, after the first washing, the perm fell out in several places. I went back and she re-did the perm, this time using smaller rods because she felt that if it loosened to the point of falling out the first time that I should go with a tigher curl and it would loosen up to more what I wanted. Well, I got it redone a week ago with tighter rods. the curl was more kinky than I liked but I knew it would loosen. The perm started coming out in back before I even washed it in places. I waited 4 days again to wash my hair. After washing, the front is loosening up and looks nice now but I notice its straight from the roots down about 1 inch from the top and the back is not evenly curly…a few places has curl but most of it is more of a gentle wave now and even straight in some spots. Now I’m going to have to get it looked at again but not sure if my hair can handle a 3rd perm. It was very healthy when I went in but I know 3 perms may fry it. So, why does my perm keep falling out? Any clues?

3 Answers

  1. Madge on Apr 04, 2012

    I have the same question. I got my first perm 2yr. ago. My hair was to my lower back with big waves. It was very thin and I had problems with split ends. I wanted my hair curly. It took 3hr. and my hair took very well and shrunk up to my sholders. I keep my hair styled with moose for 2yr. and of couse it slowly fell out over time and became very fuzz, but never went back to the way it was before. So I decide to get another perm acouple weeks ago. It took close to 3hr. again and I began to notice that after noon my curls began to fall already around my face and on the top layer of my hair, like it was stringy. So I watied and washed my hair after 3 days and I didn’t change. I can’t wear my hair without anything in it and I have to scrunch all of my hair upside down for it to even hold. I found out from my mother that my beautician had spiraled my hair the first time,but not the second. I personaly don’t understand the difference, but I don’t want to go back and burn my hair. I’ve always had long hair and I don’t want to ruin it.

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  2. Momsy Pie on Apr 04, 2012

    you have to wait two weeks to wash your hair its necessary or at least a week you’ll damage your hair even more if you wash it so often

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  3. Sweet Buttons on Apr 04, 2012

    Perming is just a chemical that you put on your hair, on some people it takes really well and on others it just doesn’t. It’s just the way that your hair is darling, not much you can do about it. I would not recommend the third perm, let it grow out and enjoy your naturally straight hair.

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