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1 Answers

About how much would this cost proffesionally?

Asked by: Delilah 271 views Hair ,

I want my hair bleached blonde with a pink underside and pink under my bangs with a scene haircut http://m.weheartit.com/entry/63425660/via/pictures_minds something similar with pink instead and pink underneath like people do with the black

1 Answers

  1. Thomas on Jun 03, 2013

    a haircut costs about $30-50. depends on where you go.i don’t know if you want to bleach your whole hair like the pic but bleaching costs depend on the length and current hair color. lets say you have light brown hair that is as long as the one in the picture. that would cost about $100-200, depending on the place and time spent on the process. the pink would cost about $10-15if you only want to bleach the underside and bangs though it would be around $40that is why i never go to salons to do my hair except for a haircut. salons also generally have their exotic colors wash out real fast. like 2 weeks fast

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