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4 Answers

ADVICE PLEASE: If a guy HAD to dress up like a girl for a charity fundraiser…..?

Asked by: Cuddle Pie 233 views Fashion & Accessories , , , ,

And be pied in the face… What should he wear that’d get the most attention/money????

(I’m doing a pie-throw booth for a spring festival. Yes, I’m dressing like a girl. No, not gay.)

4 Answers

  1. Sweety on Apr 08, 2013

    do like a neon color prom dress or something like that and wear bright eye make up and a bright blonde wig ;) aha that will get some attentionbright colors always attract people trust me

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  2. Raspberry Chocolate on Apr 08, 2013

    Something really bright. And it should be a dress, and have you considered high heels? I guess if you don’t know how to walk in high heels it would kind of be dangerous… Maybe wedges. I think those would be easier to walk in, but NO SNEAKERS. They don’t go with dresses. Good luck!!

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  3. Cis on Apr 08, 2013

    Go all out: dresses, heels, makeup, wigs, jewelry, nails painted. Everything! I think if you just wore a dress (maybe a formal kinda dress) heels, makeup, & a wig. You’d have all the attention….you’d have mine anyways.

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  4. Munchkin on Apr 08, 2013

    Wear something totally girly, like a dress, skirt, all pink, etc. You should have a close girl friend help you shop for the things you’re looking for, so she can help you. Don’t forget the bra, heels, makeup and wig! Lol good luck (x

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