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2 Answers

Asurea Insurance Group? Life Insurance.?

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Does anyone have any experience working for them? What is it like. I have been offered a position, on the condition that I close four apps at a total of $2500 prior to hire. After which point I would be salary plus commission. They have benefits and a 401k.

Their focus is Mortgage Insurance and Final Expense. They provide leads (at a cost but financed). I have never done MPI or FE before.

I don’t know how good the opportunity is has any worked for Asurea or done MPI or FE that could shed some light on this segment of the industry?

2 Answers

  1. raeganmiers on Dec 03, 2012

    I haven’t worked for them but a lot of life insurance companies start new agents out that way. The idea behind the 4 apps is to see if you are serious about being a life insurance salesperson. Most companies that I ‘ve had experience with will start you out with a salary with the understanding that eventually your commissions will be your primary source of income with the salary being replaces by the commission that you have earned. It’s a way of getting you started so that you can pay your bills and eventually make a decent living solely based on commission, 401k, etc. It’s sort of a win win situation. The big question is how serious you are in selling life insurance? I have known many people who have worked hard and done well. It’s really up to you, providing that their products are competitive and fit the needs of the customer.

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  2. trixchialoveskimchi on Dec 03, 2012

    Look, you’re closing the four aps, and someone else is getting PAID for it! Because you can’t get paid until you’re hired.It’s an extremely limited market, and a very low value policy. Those "you buy the leads from us" are huge scams, because the best leads will go to the people at the top of the food chain – you’re getting the ABSOLUTE worst leads. AND, you’re PAYING for them!! This scam is going to make a ton of money . . .for the people you’re buying leads from. If you want to sell insurance, this is just about the absolute WORST way to do it.

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