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2 Answers

Back to school clothes shopping list ? (For a girl)?

Asked by: Juliet 197 views Fashion & Accessories , , , ,

Heyy so I know school isn’t starting for a while but I like to plan early (: I have $200 to spend on back to school shopping and I was wondering what else I might need ? I basically shop at any store in the mall from old navy to Victoria’s Secret . Here are a list of things I already have that I want to wer next year (in going into 8th grade by the way)

Jeans :
1 pair dark wash skinny jeans
1 pair light wash skinny jeans
1 pair gray skinny jeans

Shorts :
1 pair ombre shorts
1 pair denim shorts
1 pair pink workout shorts
1 pair black and green running shorts
1 pair black and pink running shorts

Sweatshirts / jackets
1 neon orange jacket
1 gray sweatshirt with the numbers 12 in pink
1 black blazer
1 varsity jacket
1 aqua running jacket

Sweatpants :
1 pair swear kapris
1 pair Victoria’s Secret boyfriend sweats

Leggings/ yoga :
1 pair gray leggings

Camis / shirts
1 gray v-neck Cami
1 dark green Cami
I have about 20 shirts that I can actually wear to school .

Accessories :
None .

What else do I need for a back to school shopping list .?

2 Answers

  1. Autumn Flower on May 27, 2013

    Well, I don’t see any skirts, dresses, or pantyhose on the list of things you already have. You can start with those. You can buy L’eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose at Walmart for about $8 for a 2-pair pack. That’s how I always buy my pantyhose. I’m going into 12th grade.

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  2. Ethelinda on May 27, 2013


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