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1 Answers

Bleaching Eyebrows? Please HELP! 10 Points?

Asked by: Carrie 313 views Other - Beauty & Style , , , , ,

I’m a Guy just incase you thought i was a girl…
Should i dye my eyebrows Silverish or what should i do i think having them Black will look abit weird..
i have Darkbrown hair but i’m going to a Professional Saloon so the hair part is sorted just my Eyebrows thanks (:

1 Answers

  1. Sally on Dec 31, 2012

    okay im a girl and i have so much experience with hair-dying and having darker eyebrows with a lighter hair color actually looks really good! it don’t look weird i promise. that’s exactly what i did, tricked myself into thinking i looked like a retard with my bleached hair and brown eyebrows but really everyone said it looks amazing! hope this helps!

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