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bright purple hair helpppp?

Asked by: Debby 227 views Hair , ,

my hair is currently a dark purple colour (live colour xxl mystic violet) but it fades after literally a week. I want a brighter purple colour that wouldnt fade if thats possible? If i was to colour strip my hair then dye it purple would it be brighter and last longer? Im going to the hairdresser to get it done but i just want to know if that would work?

1 Answers

  1. Gold Twinkles on May 04, 2012

    I dyed my hair with the mystic violet too, and it does fade really fast! Don’t strip your hair – just dye over the XXL with a semi-permanent dye. I used La Riche Directions in ‘plum’, but they do different shades. The semi permanent dyes go really well over the XXL dyes, so I would say there’s no need to strip your hair. Also, the semi perms don’t contain ammonia or peroxide – it’s just like food coloring for your hair! It does fade but it doesn’t damage your hair to re-dye, and it actually lasts longer than the mystic violet. You could bleach your hair if you want it really bright, but I would honestly say there’s no need – it’ll just dry out your hair and probably fade more quickly. Good luck and enjoy the purple! :)

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