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Asked by: Butterfly Cheesecake 375 views Fashion & Accessories , , , , ,

Im going to a sweet sixteen tonight, so how can i make this dress look better? maybe change the shoes? or remove the belt? add which accessories?

BASIC DRESS: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=16ba6c6&…

back of dress: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=24xph1w&…

SHOES: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=f2tzqw&s…

OUTFIT: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33orzn5&…

Also, how should i do my make up?
picture of my face: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=fenukz&s…

8 Answers

  1. TreeGurl on Apr 01, 2012

    Your outfit looks lovely! I’d say just some natural light pinks and nudes for your make-up – maybe a little bit of shimmer on the eyes, winged out eyeliner and big lashes to emphasise your pretty eyes! For jewellery I’d say a sparkly colourful statement necklace would really kick the outfit up a bit to make it look really glam. Have fun, good luck! x

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  2. Tess on Apr 01, 2012

    hi. I love the dress and the belt! I love the shoes but I think you should get blue peep toe heels, not wedges. For accessories you could go a couple ways:1. edgy- for a bracelet yo could go with a wide black faux leather studded bracelet. possibly some silver earings. for your hair you could do a pulled back messy bun. for makeup a smokey eye 2. girly- you could a short gold neckalace and gold cuffs. for hair you could do a braid on the top of you hair. for makeup some neutrals or pinksif I were you I would go with the first option cause its different and cool. but whatever you wanthope you have fun! :)

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  3. Hugz on Apr 01, 2012

    the belt with the dress is great. I like the shoes but not with the dress, the shoe is thick and since the cut of the dress is different its making your legs look short and stubby. Maybe a basic heel or open toe flat. As for makeup maybe a coral or a gold tones eyeshadow, outline your eyes with an eyeliner, top and bottom, mascara and a light gloss.

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  4. Jep on Apr 01, 2012

    Keep the belt and the shoes cause the belt makes the dress look cuter cause that’s a pretty plain dress. Wear simple makeup: eyeliner, blush, and wear eye shawdow that goes with you eye color

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  5. asp3ct3d on Apr 01, 2012

    I like the dress, and love the shoes….but I don’t think I’d do the two together….I’d prob go with shoes that aren’t black, or go with a dress that might work with black better.

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  6. ohsocockytae on Apr 01, 2012

    It looks better with the belt and the shoes are good, maybe you could add some bracelets that are a like antique gold. I am not sure about the makeup but just dont go with really bright colours

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  7. Daisy Dude on Apr 01, 2012

    cute ilove the shoes and makeup do like light pink and neutral colors hop i helps maybe a simple necklace 2

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  8. Ethelinda on Apr 01, 2012

    The dress is cute and trendy with the high low hem but it’s super see through. I would get a nude color slip to wear under it since the dress looks unlined and then wear a nude color bra and panties, too. As it is now, if you stand with a light behind you then the dress is too transparent.I like the look of the black belt and shoes if the dress is a rose color (it’s hard to tell). I would go get some bow or flower hair clips in the same color of the dress and clip them to either outside part of the top of the shoes. They would look like custom shoes made to got with the dress!!But, if the dress is a tangerine or melon color, I’d wear different colored shoes and belt. You don’t want that Halloween orange and black connection, right? Pink, metallic gold, purple, or royal blue looks good with tangerine.Your makeup looks good in the photo. I would go for a lighter touch on the eyebrows and eyeliner, though, so you have a fresh spring look. Your eyebrows seem to come in a teeny bit too much towards your nose. Maybe pluck them to give a bit more space there. You should look fabulous at the party!! : }

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