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Can I do something against Animal Testing?

Asked by: Margery 377 views Other - Beauty & Style , , , ,

So I used to use brands like Maybelline, Rimmel etc. but when I found out they test on animals, I stopped using them.
I hate animal testing! In my opinion it is cruel and so wrong, to test on poor, innocent animals! They get tortured to death!
I’m a huge animal friend, and animal testing is one of the most stupid things on this planet.
I’ve been trying to get some people, who use products on animals, to change to products, that are not tested on animals…
Anyways, can you please tell me, how you can maybe stop animal testing??
Is there like a charity for it or something?

Thanks so much!


1 Answers

  1. Cauli on May 31, 2013

    I completely agree its wrong and should be stopped:( im not sure if you can do anything, maybe inform others of how bad it is and they will realise too, ems x x x x x

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