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5 Answers

Can I exchange these shoes? They sold me the wrong size.?

Asked by: Gummy Bear Hearts 265 views Fashion & Accessories , , , ,

So I bought a pair of Converse at a store about three weeks ago and I’m still in the period for exchange/refunds for unworn merchandise.

I thought they were a size 9 because the box itself says so, and I had asked the salesperson to get me a size 9. I tried them on and I felt they were a little tight but maybe they just needed breaking in. I wore them twice and my feet killed! Today I was looking at the shoes and I realized the shoes are actually size 7.5.

Can I exchange them for the correct size even though I wore them twice? I cleaned them up and they look new except for the bottom edge around the toes and the heels, they’ve been rubbed down slightly but not too much. I don’t think they are resell-able though.

5 Answers

  1. Eudicia on Apr 27, 2013

    Typically, yes! Most stores will allow you to exchange an item bought there, or at least et a store credit, if not a refund. Yes, typically, even if the shoes or item has been worn. Just clean them up, as you have, put them back in the box & take them back to the store where you bought them. It is helpful to have the receipt, so you can show proof of having purchased them. However, even if you have lost the receipt or threw it away, you could print off the item from your bank statement, where it shows you purchased it, or just tell the store manager that you lost the receipt, etc. The point is that you may need to stand your ground and be honest and assertive with the store manager. (They want happy customers, so if you stand your ground, firmly, (not rudely though), then all will likely go in your favor.). It is not your fault that the item purchased was placed in a wrong box, thus, the sizes are different. Most managers will find this reasonable & do an even exchange for you. Also… If you happen to get an unreasonable manager, who does not want to do an exchange for you… Then, ask if they will make an exception, this once. All should be fine. :-) . (Be aware that some items are "final sales", which means there are no returns, exchanges or refunds for the items. However, sometimes, "final sale" simply means no refunds. But equal exchanges are allowed. Every store has different policies, so it’s wise, before purchasing or at the time of a purchase, to ask the sales clerk what their return/exchange policy is. :-) . Blessings!

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  2. MichaelD on Apr 27, 2013

    Check the receipt for the store policy, or call the store and ask them their criteria for returns. Some businesses will take back any merchandise, regardless of it’s quality, but others have a strict policy that denies any returns on anything that’s been used or worn. Find out what their policy is before you make an effort to return them.If their policy states that they don’t accept worn merchandise, "they sold me the wrong size" is not a valid reason, especially because you tried them on in the store, and made the purchase with some knowledge of how they fit, so you can’t blame the associate who accidentally brought you a box that was marked incorrectly.

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  3. Sweet Marshmallow on Apr 27, 2013

    It wasn’t you fault, the salesperson made the mistake and gave you the wrong size. You can return them for a different size. Better not tell them that you have worn them multiple times. Just make up a story, and say something like ‘When I had a look at the package or the shoe I saw it was the wrong size’, and just say you were on holiday for 3 weeks or something and didn’t have the time to look at them properly so you just stored it in your wardrobe.

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  4. BlogShag on Apr 27, 2013

    You can try to exchange them. If you have worn them and there is ware it is not a fair exchange.

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  5. Love Tweets on Apr 27, 2013

    You should still be able to return them, especially since the salesperson bought you the wrong size!

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