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1 Answers

Can I get my dreadlocks done professionally?

Asked by: Luzilla 284 views Hair , , , , ,

I want to get dreadlocks done, but just by back combing and palm rolling my hair. I don’t want to get it permed so it’s more natural. Can I get this done professionally or will I have to do it myself? :)

1 Answers

  1. TC on Apr 10, 2012

    I would say do it yourself, least you would know more of type of dreadlocks you want like thin, thick, alot or less ya know. It would take awhile to do it, but worth it in the end.. There are plenty of good videos on YouTube of putting them in and good tips about what and what not to do..Unless you just want to spend around 80 plus dollars or so on someone doing your hair…

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