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1 Answers

Can I wear this to the Hollister interview?

Asked by: Mary 262 views Other - Beauty & Style

Link to the picture >> http://mail.aol.com/37752-111/aol-6/en-us/mail/get-attachment.aspx?uid=40209883&folder=Inbox&partId=3

* Can I wear that outfit to the interview but with a dark gray crop top instead?(since black isn’t allowed)

*can I call for an interview and when it will be or do I have to go there and ask them when to show up to the next interview ?

* Do I have the Hollister look?

please help ! :)

1 Answers

  1. hello on May 26, 2013

    your link doesnt work.wear only hollister and wear something from this season!also, wear little to no makeup & hollister sandalsyou apply online and make your own interview and choose the time!sorry i cant be of more help!

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