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2 Answers

Do women find body hair on men attractive?

Asked by: Daisy Chix 466 views Hair , ,

I’m 21 yo guy, I’m naturally smooth, I have a hard time growing body hair and it took me two years of working out to finally grow a beard and little chest hair. I don’t remove my leg or arm hair, i only trim my arm pits and pubes.

I’m wondering what are women into nowadays, a full body waxed man or a man with hair that is controllable and well trimmed.

2 Answers

  1. Tilda on Aug 07, 2013

    It all depends on the women . But I like both to be honest , they just cant have hair everywhere on them like ther A** You know ? lol .

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  2. MichaelD on Aug 07, 2013

    Get rid of the unwanted hair. It is hereditary somewhere down the line. Usually in Asian People. However if you only have a little chest hair, get rid of it. It is not attractive. I would just wax your chest, leave the pits and pubes alone. It is a sign of masculinity. I myself would not be attracted to a man with little pieces of hair sprouting, if you cant grow it fully, get rid of it. Men are wussies with no underarm hair. It is too girly man looking.

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