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GIRLS: Pool Party Advice?

Asked by: Angel Joy 468 views Makeup , , , ,

So I have invited a bunch of friends and I am going to be having a small pool party, but at a local pool. I am going to bring food and things like that but I do not know what we are going to do. I am also inviting some friends that do not know some of my friends too. What are some fun things to do at pools? Also, the pool is alittle strict because they don’t like when people just into the pool and dive into the pool. I really do not want to get bored there and I want this to be a fun party.

Also, I like to look nice when I go swimming with friends and so I always like to wear waterproof makeup. But whenever I where waterproof mascara, it stays on, but my eyelashes droop. How do I avoid that?

I’m sorry if I asked too much!!

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