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Asked by: Diamond Dazzles 535 views Makeup , , , , ,

Hi! I’m going into highschool soon and I have to wake up early and i am going to have dark under eyes. It’s mostly due to heredity but lack of sleep makes them more prominent. They are REALLY bad l: When my eyes get irrated(which is very often) I get tired and that makes the bad too.
I was looking into Neutrogena products?? Are they any good??

Ok, mascara.
When I use to curl my lashes they would never stay up l: until my friend showed me curling them with heat and THEY ACTUALLY STAYED UP! But then I used this mascara and when it dried the were no longer curly??
I guess the mascara weighed down my lashes.

So basically I’m looking for good, low priced d:, concealer and mascara that won’t weigh down my lashes.

Thank you!

3 Answers

  1. PaulE on Aug 10, 2013

    For concealer I would try Revlon’s Photo Ready concealer. It’s in a little tube and looks like lipstick. :) And for mascara I would try Rocket Lashes or Big Eyes, both by Maybelline. I use both everyday and they don’t weigh down my lashes. c:

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  2. Momsy Pie on Aug 10, 2013

    Concealer: erase paste. I’m actually not quite sure who makes it but its 10 bucks its in a tiny little purple container type thing Mascara: maybelline clump crusher it makes no clumps and it makes ur eyelashes really pretty and long

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  3. Kels on Aug 10, 2013

    for a good concealers its a little expensive but its worth it is the benefit concealers and a cheaper one would be the rimmel wake me up concealers

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