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Growing out my relaxer?

Asked by: Vergie 186 views Hair , , , , ,

Ok I’m transitioning without cutting my hair. Its so frustrating because nothing seems to work. My hair looks very thin and long when its wet but after it dries it frizzes and gets super thick. Is that normal? Also how do I know when all the relaxer has left my hair. I don’t know what to do my hair looks stringy and I have a lot of straight hairs and my roots are so tight they are like corcscrews. Is any of this normal. When the relaxer is out of my hair will it still be this way. My hair is shoulder length and I don’t want to cut anything but the ends.

1 Answers

  1. ThumbsDownyouknowyou on Apr 02, 2012

    I’ve been there, done that! :) I know how frustrated it can be and how annoying it is to style! Thankfully, there is some things you could do.My hair is relaxed at the moment and looks pretty good.. Depending on the relaxer, yes, it is normal for hair to dry and appear thicker- that’s what mine does! The relaxer normally doesn’t "leave" your hair. Your locks will grow out and the relaxer will grow with it. Your roots will grow out your natural hair & the rest will- until it grows- appear relaxed. This is very annoying and got me very mad! What I do now is get a quality relaxer which makes my hair still curly, but flatter, more defined curls.

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