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Help with Steam Punk mask?

Asked by: Squiggly Noodles 345 views Makeup , ,

I am currently working on a steam punk mask…I have only some camera lenses, and some gears…i plan on taking a part some worthless electronics to get some wires and plastic pieces etc..but i am not quite sure what to use as the mask itself…is there some kind of way of using belts or some kind of soft leather that is not expensive or something like that. (i am a girl so it has to be ok with long hair too. thanks!

1 Answers

  1. Ms Froggie on Aug 08, 2013

    Go to the dollar store and see if they have headbands or wide belts in the material you want. You’ll probably have to get more than one and then sew them together. You could also check out the craft section of the dollar store for cheap watches, gears, studs, etc.

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