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3 Answers

HELP!do i need to get my eyebrows done? do they need threading? URGENT :)?

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sorry for bad quality

ive never got them done before
do they need doing?
do they need threading?
any advice
thank you

3 Answers

  1. Pinky Sprinkles on Aug 08, 2013

    I know and I completely understand the situation you’re in.I was wondering the same thing not too long ago, and got them done for the first time and it was great.It gives you a complete confidence boost, and your face actually seems to change a bit.I don’t think you need them urgently done, they’re not too bad, but you could always do it anyways, because they’re not that perfect either.They do need doing, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it with a tweezer. When you do your eyebrows with a tweezer, it takes much longer, and if it’s your first time, it’s going to feel a lot worse, mainly because it’s one by one and you feel the hair go each time.It also feels like it takes forever, and it hurts far too much.I don’t recommend threading either, it’s a good method but for first timers it’s relatively painful too,Though you don’t feel them get taken off one by one, you still feel it sort of strip a line of them, and it does make you feel each hair too. This is actually sort of like trimming them, and they grow back faster than with other methods, because they’re not entirely gone.I would recommend waxing them off from experience. My first time I used wax, and though it obviously hurts too, all you really feel is a hot feeling where they apply it, and when they rip the hairs off, it’s not as dramatic and bad as it seems. The hairs take more time to grow back, and you just feel all the hairs come off at once, rather than one by one or by bits. The pain only lasts a few seconds, and you’re calm and ready for the next one.This is just my opinion, with a bit of information from my mum who works in this sort of thing.Hope I helped, good luck! :)

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  2. Juan on Aug 08, 2013

    no offense, but yes, they need waxed. i get mine waxed and i love it! but no they don’t look threatening. don’t be so harsh on yourself. btw, i hate one D lol sorry i had to.

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  3. TaraBear on Aug 08, 2013

    you can just pluck them with tweezers! look up tutorials on youtube.

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