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Homemade body scrubs attracting bugs to my bathroom!?

Asked by: Mahulda 321 views Skin & Body , , ,

I love to make homemade facial/body scrubs with things like honey, brown sugar, olive oil, etc. However I like to make them in big batches so that it’s not all gone after one use. But the thing is, my bathroom has been having bug problems lately. In fact my entire first floor has been getting more bugs than usual. I would like to keep making my homemade scrubs, but a lot of times I use ingredients like sugar and honey which attract bugs. Do you have any ideas on how I can continue making these homemade scrubs/beauty products without having to worry about them attracting bugs to my bathroom? Any ideas at all are appreciated! Thanks!

1 Answers

  1. Thurze on Jun 03, 2013

    You can make unscented body rubs that do not attract bugs.

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