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2 Answers

How does self-tanner work? Does it actually change skin shade or does it wash off?

Asked by: Jazzie 285 views Skin & Body , ,

This is probably a silly question, but I’m curious about how self tanner works. I’m so pale that I found a store assistant had slipped several free samples into my bag when I bought shampoo the other other day.

I’m trying it out of curiosity… I’d like to know how it actually works.

Will it stain my pillow? It feels a little greasy, so I’d like to wash my face… But will that wash it off? Or does it work by stimulating the skin to produce more melanin?

Thanks for any advice.

2 Answers

  1. Mathilda on Jun 02, 2013

    haha that’s kinda funny how she slipped that many into your bag. but anyways i find that watching videos on youtube really help. usually i just put on jergans naturally glow on the parts of my skin where it’s pale such as my boobs or ‘down there’ and i usually apply it once a day. when i put my makeup on in the morning, i put on the glow tanner but while it’s drying i’ll be nude while applying makeup so it has time to dry. I find that scrubbing a lot in the shower can make it come off, and sometimes my clothes will smell like it but other than that i think you’re good. wouldn’t hurt to try it!

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  2. TaraBear on Jun 02, 2013

    No matter how hard you try it will turn streaky and splotchy. Took a month or more for me to wash mine out and it washed off unevenly. Go on holiday or if you live somewhere where the sun comes out a bit, sit outside and get a nice natural tan :) But do what you want with your body

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