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how is your experience with louboutin shoes ?

Asked by: Chocolate Hearts 238 views Fashion & Accessories , ,

ladies, how is your experience with louboutin shoes ?
have you ever experienced hurt in this shoes ?
how do u manage to get in it for 24 hours a day and still walk gracely ?
how do u manage to keep looking grace on narrow stairs ? how ?
and how if ur feet is wide do u manage to get well with louboutin shoes ?
how do u manage to run in ur louboutin shoes ?

Im curious as a lady :) thank you.

1 Answers

  1. Teddy Bear Tweets on Apr 06, 2012

    Hey(:I’ve never experienced any pain in Louboutins because they are really smooth and squidgy inside if that makes sense haa. I don’t wear them 24 hours a day haa, because i need to sleep(: but like all heals after a certain time your feet are going to ache(: I dont think wearing Louboutins really affects your grace when walking down stairs, it just depends on whether you are good at walking down stairs in them.You can buy Louboutins in wide size so there’s no problem there(:I can run slowly in them, like all heels, depends on the height.I hope i’ve helped and if you like i shall answer any questions you have, Maybe your questions just don’t get noticed xPlease vote me best answer xx

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