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1 Answers

How long do you have to wait to change nose studs?

Asked by: Collete 210 views Fashion & Accessories

Got my nose pierced today and wanna know how long you have to wait to change the studs?
Also, any info or advice on nose piercings
And advice on Monroe piercings (might get one)
And on navel piercings?
And on cartilage?

1 Answers

  1. alcan52 on Aug 06, 2013

    I have my nose pierced, I waited a long time to change mine! It hurts and takes a long time to heal because it’s on your face. Always exposed to germs. Not difficult to take care of. Maybe you could change it within 6-8 weeks if you take REALLY good care of it. I got my Monroe done and took it out that night. It effects your teeth. End of story. The piercer will even tell you that. I just didn’t like it. You have to have the certain face for it as well. If you have both, the nose ring and the Monroe, it might look a little trashy. No offense. Again, depends on your face.Navel piercing takes FOREVER to heal if you’re the least bit over weight. Took mine out, don’t plan on getting it redone until I lose a little weight. It was cute, but never healed. Had a bad belly button infection IN my actual belly button from it. Cartilage is pretty simple. Just clean it twice daily. I have two in one ear. Love them. I also have both Conch’ pierced. Love them as well, just painful. DON’T get it done at Claire’s. Just my opinion!

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