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How much does it cost to open a Macys credit card? And how does it work?

Asked by: Chocolate Angel 224 views Makeup , , ,

I have an interview at Macys for a Beauty Adviser position and I want to be prepared. Is it free to open the Macys credit card? And what are the benefits? Also, if you worked at Macys how did you go about selling it?

1 Answers

  1. Monkey Smile on Nov 06, 2012

    It’s free to open a Macy’s Red card. You need to enter enough income for them to approve you so be sure to enter more than $90,000. With $75,000 you get $100 credit only. When a person checks out at Macy’s and you see them pay cash or personal credit card, ask them if they want to open a Macy’s card. When they open, they get 20% off all their purchases through out the day and coupons will be sent home for them to use.

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