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How to act at a job interview for Tim hortons?

Asked by: Blossom Tickles 483 views Fashion & Accessories , ,

I’m a 15 year old girl who’s never had a job or a job interview before but my moms friend got my an interview at a local Tim hortons! What kind of questions do they ask and what should I say as a response?
Thanks so much, I’ve been apying for places all summer and I finally have an interview because of my moms friend and I kind of need this job so any tips would be great!

1 Answers

  1. Candy Tweets on Aug 09, 2013

    Hmm, I know about the store Tim Hortons, or Timmy’s as us Canadians often like to call it. Here’s the thing, Tim Horton’s isn’t a hard place to get into since imo it is equivalent to fast foods. Make sure you are wearing something appropriate so I’d say jeans, a half sleeved shirt and a blazer over it and close toed flats. You need to look professional and not really casual.When you go to the interview make sure to smile at the interviewer and shake their hand. Speak clearly (arrive early) and always look them in the eye. Make sure you don’t say "umm" or "uhh" because you have a job where you’ll have to quickly take orders from a lot of customers. Also, don’t speak quietly because in your job you have to be loud enough for the customers to hear you.As for the interview, they’ll ask basic questions like why you want to work here, how do you work with people of different ethnicities as well as people who are disabled (basically you can’t be discriminatory), why should they hire you, what kind of salary do you need (say minimum wage since you’re only 15), what qualities do you have that would make you good for this job, if you saw an employee cheating/stealing what would you do (I remember learning about these situations in business class which is an ethical dilemma), how do you deal with different types of personalities, when was a time where you had to deal with someone difficult and how did you fix it. A person I knew who worked there had these kind of questions and oddly enough when I was interviewed to volunteer at my local hospital I had these similar questions too.Besides coming up with answers to the above questions, I suggest you research the company and their general information, as well as their history because you never know what they might ask. I know a guy who had a friend who was applying for a clothing store and during the interview they asked what they knew about the company. As well, make sure you know when you are available (what days a week and for how long). Choose something that works well for you (I know I am not an early riser lol).If anything write the answers to these questions and practice them. Pretend you are going to the interview and practice saying it outloud but in a way where it won’t be rehearsed. If you have some idea of what you’re going to say in your brain you’ll be fine. Just make sure you are confident.

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