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1 Answers

how to be a designer? or sell your designs?

Asked by: Letitia 212 views Fashion & Accessories , , , , ,

my mom says i should design for lady gaga lol cause allot of my designs are out there but i look at my fashion as a form of art! i love setting trends! i live in Atlanta but will be moving to Rochester new York!
but im scared to go to f.i.t cause i don’t have a ged YET and i don’t know any one up in nyc so id be scared!

1 Answers

  1. Dmitri on Apr 04, 2012

    Get recognized. If you get recognized by a big fashion person and your designs are good enough, there’s a slight chance your clothes will be sold world wide/around the country. This question caught my eye, because I was bored in math last week so I drew a sketch of a really cute dress and I think it should be sold everywhere

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