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How to Do Nail Marbling?

Asked by: Sweet Bubbles 835 views Other - Beauty & Style ,

I did everything right, I thinkk… But i let the water get room temperature, It got a little Cold. I started putting rhe nail Polish in, didnt spread that wide but just enough. Then i put my finger in and iy came out as a big blob of nail polish on my nail ( I put tape around my finger) . Then my sister said that the nail polish i have has nail polish hardener in it. This might sound crazy but it that the reason its not working or some other reason, & any nail polish recommedations ?!

1 Answers

  1. assfan1 on Aug 10, 2013

    Yeah your polish cant have harder in it has to be plain, water has to be room temp and use a tooth pick to make your design then dip your nail where you like the design. There are a million videos on yt

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