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How to dress like a country southern girl?

Asked by: Carrie 192 views Fashion & Accessories , ,

Okay so I wanna dress country and southern..of course I’m from the south..I just need an ideas. I want a cute cowgirl country look. Makeup ideas? Clothing ideas? Shoe ideas and hair ideas? Thank you!!

1 Answers

  1. Michele on Dec 29, 2012

    How to Be a Country GirlLast updated: December 17, 2012Do you look up to the likes of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, or Miranda Lambert? Are you wondering what it is really like to be a country girl? Being a country girl is a combination of mastering a mentality and perfecting a look, although no two country gals are the same. Follow these simple steps to get closer to what it means to be a country girl!Part 1: Appearance1 Get the hair! Country girls love braids, volume, and curls. Your hair should be long, wavy and natural, preferably. Curly/wavy is preferred, but if it’s straight, that’s fine too. Country girls either have brunette, or red hair, or blonde (whatever your natural color is). Leave all the pink, purple, metallic and silver to the city girls!2 Get the boots. Every country girl needs her boots! Have ones specially made for you or get some from your local store. Every country girl owns camo for hunting and owns a pair of either for riding, show, or work.3 Practice good hygiene. When country girls aren’t outside working and getting dirty, you can bet they’re clean. Just because they work and sweat doesn’t mean they can’t smell like a tulip when the sun goes down. Shower regularly, brush your teeth twice a day, and don’t forget to floss. Use deodorant and only one spritz of a flowery, summery, light perfume.4 Keep your makeup natural and minimal. You shouldn’t look fake. Just fresh and pretty. If you do need a little coverage, a few drops of tinted moisturizer will even out your complexion without looking caked.Dark circles are not fresh looking, so apply a light-reflecting concealer close to the lash line if you have them. Dust a little powder on top to set.Curl your eyelashes. If you are blessed with naturally dark, long lashes, stop here. If not, apply 1-2 coats of brown mascara to the upper lashes only.Apply a neutral blush to the apples of your cheeks. Use what is left on the brush after doing your cheeks to sweep on your forehead, nose, and chin.Finish off the look with a clear or neutral gloss on the lips (no shimmer, please).Don’t change who you are! This is simply a guide, not a set of rules. You can tweak this as well.NOTE: There is much more at the source below.

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