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3 Answers

How to look more attractive for 8th grade?

Asked by: Super Power 563 views Other - Beauty & Style , ,

Ok so there’s me..Any way to change my look to be more attractive? Not looking for attention. I just wanna be my best. I hate my smile because there is a largeish gap between my front teeth. I also wear a lot of makeup because I have eczema which makes my face red and dry. So any clothes, hair or makeup ideas to help me out? Thanks


3 Answers

  1. alcan52 on Aug 10, 2013

    You’re already very pretty, don’t worry.I think you’re fine, but if you want to look a bit special one day then you should curl your hair, it would look nice. :) EDIT: @Anita wow…she does not need all of that for 8th grade! Are you crazy? She looks pretty already.

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  2. larryhuckabee on Aug 10, 2013

    You’re seriously pretty already so no need for makeup or anything. It just ruins your face ( in my opinion) and it would probably irritate your eczema. Right now you should just focus on school, friends, and family, because that’s all that matters. Not boys or trying to look good for everyone else. Being "attractive" in eighth grade…… Yeah, no. Just have fun without guys while you can and maybe wait till highschool to figure relationships out. You’ve only got another year so that shouldn’t be hard. See if you can get an appointment with your dermatologist to help with that eczema. ( I have it too, and I know, it sucks) if you really want to look attractive out on light mascara and LIGHT eyeshadow ( I capitalized light because girls at my school are walking around looking like raccoons) and you could also do something with your hair. Just be yourself and live out childhood as long as you can.

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  3. Shorty Pants on Aug 10, 2013

    colored highlights, braces, teeth whitening, lost about 12-15 lbs, breast implants, tanning, acrylic nails, mascara, and get a hair cut so your hair isn’t all frumpy/mousey looking.

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