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1 Answers

How to out in contact lenses?

Asked by: Rita 293 views Fashion & Accessories , ,

I’m buying my first pair today

1 Answers

  1. ThinkLife on May 29, 2013

    ALWAYS make sure your hands are clean, wash them really well right before touching your lenses. This will prevent infections caused by bacteria.Check to make sure the lenses aren’t inside out, or they’ll sting a bit when you put them on, so make sure their shape is right.Make sure you don’t blink, as your lenses will slip right out if you do, and hold still when you place them in…go slow if you have to, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.If you’re getting professional and good quality lenses, your doctor or a nurse should really be going over this with you, I had a lot of help and advice before I got my first pair.Hope this helps! =]

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