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1 Answers

How to strip red hair dye?

Asked by: Helena 220 views Hair

I want to dye my hair Brown but my hair is red. The red was faded but I put a brown on but it brought the red out more, how can I strip the red without using a hair stripper or bleach?

1 Answers

  1. talals on May 07, 2013

    You really just need to tone out the red with the opposite color on the color wheel. I know they make purple shampoo to remove yellow tones from blonde but I am not sure if they have anything green. Check with a local beauty supply store, if not try using a dye to go over it that is in the cooler range of colors like ash brown. Personally I don’t like Loreal’s Feria line of box dyes, but I know they show on the box weather or not the color is in the cooler or warmer shades. You could use that as reference to what shade of brown dye would help.

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