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I can feel a cystic pimple coming?

Asked by: ChippyMunks 328 views Skin & Body , , , , ,

I don’t get acne often (typically the once a month hormone zit). This month it’s a cystic one on my chin. It has not fully formed but I can feel how big and painful it will be already. Normally I wouldn’t do a thing about it and let it run its course but tomorrow I have an important appointment. It would be more beneficial if I could keep the swelling and redness to a bare minimum. Does anyone have any tricks to help? Please and thank you!

1 Answers

  1. Little Mama on Mar 23, 2013

    Warm water soak with epsom salt! Soak a washcloth in that mixture and let it soak into your face..I usually would do it morning and night but put on moisturizer after. It won’t fully stop it forming (it does sometimes but it just depends) but it will be much smaller and go away much faster. I always get it on my chin too, like twice a year and it sucks.

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