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I need help with my dad. Please help me..?

Asked by: Delilah 230 views Other - Beauty & Style ,

I’m not really sure where to begin, but I just need to know since no one else will honestly answer me.
My dad gets MANY text message from women, he claims wrong number, but I never once in my life I had a person accidentally text me. Him has had like 10 women.
He looks up porn websites, when I get home I see either my moms or my lotion or hand cream on the computer. What was it used for? please answer this one!
I’ve on many occasions found little packets in the toilet that didn’t flush correctly. they look clear very very small and I never thought anything of it when I was younger, but looking back when I’d be out with my dad and he’d say he’s going to the bathroom and i’d wait outside I’d hear him rustling with plastic and him making a noise, but I never asked what it was he was doing.
He doesn’t bring money home every week 300 out of 800 is missing from his pay check and he claims that he didn’t get it, when the check says the amount he gets. 2 times this past few months he didn’t bring the check home at all.
I just don’t get it no one wants to explain to me what is going on. I just need honesty which my family isn’t giving me.
He’s in a lot of trouble with his brother, he owns him 10,000 and its been 15 years and still hasn’t payed a cent back.
I Don’t understand my dad, why is he doing this??

1 Answers

  1. Sweet Crystal on May 24, 2013

    Does he scream when he pees? That would explain a lot.

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