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3 Answers

I tried honey and cinnamon?

Asked by: Cotton Candy Tickles 285 views Skin & Body , ,

I tried honey and cinnamon on first try, I don’t feel any itchy thing and can’t experience some tiny bumps but on my second try, i experienced some tiny bumps. what happened? what does it means? What should i do? Should i try again this remedy?

This is so effective but it made my face itchy have tine bumps.

Help. Thanks :)

3 Answers

  1. Jerome on May 26, 2013

    Whenever you have a reaction like that it is good to remove everything that you applied and rinse with luke warm water then pat dry with a tissue or a disposable paper towel.About 3 days after the bumps and itchiness go away try again maybe only a small area and only on one cheek. If you experience the same thing then you should not use that mixture. If you have no bad reaction then the first time reaction was due to something else and you can then use this mixture again.All the best.

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  2. Twinkle Tops on May 26, 2013

    Are you allergic to anything? You shouldn’t try it again. Test a new remedy, you know some may not react well. That is all I got to say.

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  3. Apple Pie on May 26, 2013

    Try it again in the reverse way; cinnamon and honey.

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