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5 Answers

Im really disgustingly ugly help?

Asked by: Smilee 269 views Skin & Body , , , ,

..so I asked this before but I didn’t put any details .. so first of all..my body .. I’m skinny.. but I’m off scale.. my arms are to small and my legs to big.. my boobs are so small I look almost like a flat chest ( not to mention I wear a pushup bra) I have stretch lines.. I have no idea how they got there.. I’m really awkward to. And my face.. oh glob.. ew. My nose is seriously huge like really big.. my face isn’t long or short.. and it’s not fat or skinny.. it’s just simply there but, its an odd shape .. my hair is really really thin and damaged ..I dye my hair,straighten it, and tease it everyday. I have acne .. here’s me





Told you.. any help to be pretty?

5 Answers

  1. mimi on May 13, 2013

    you’re actually really pretty. But if that doesn’t help you i can give you suggestions such as, buy acne cream, i don’t know any good ones because i don’t use acne cream but maybe ask around or look some good ones up, also drink lots of water and clean your face very well. for your hair, just trim it.( i know its hard having to cut your hair, if you want long hair, but it needs to be done, chances are if its damaged it wont grow anyway.) it doesn’t have to be a full on haircut, unless you want one. i suggest getting a heat protectant, i heard the treseme one is good, but i wouldn’t know, ive never tried it. i suggest maybe straightening your hair every other day, or washing your hair every other day. use conditioner and focus it on the ends, find one for breakage. also get a deep conditioner, i like the aussie 3 minute miracle. my hair routine usually is have it washed at night, wear it natural the following day( or put it up if its not manageable), straightening it the next day and then maybe curl it the next day. i only straighten/curl it one or twice a week. make sure you don’t wash your hair everyday because it will take away the natural oils your hair needs. try to find dyes that don’t destroy your hair either. i really like manic panic, it fades sort of fast but it doesn’t damage your hair. i have a big nose too, so don’t even worry about it, and yours doesn’t even look big at all. as for your body shape, it honestly looks fine. i have a similar one, small arms, bigger thighs. i have stretch lines too. i suggest trying shea butter out. as for your boobs, sometimes its better to have small ones. i have larger boobs and i cant wear as much clothes as flat chested girls can because it simply looks weird on me.having small boobs are fine when there are push up bras. just make sure you don’t use a different size each day it might make people wonder. anyway this was long but honestly i think you are perfect the way you are. if you ever need advice you can talk to me just let me know. sorry this was long lol.

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  2. Cherry Pie on May 13, 2013

    Yes I have some great adviceStop being an attention seeker on Yahoo Answers because no human being is perfect. If you don’t like your body, do something about it.

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  3. Nat on May 13, 2013

    You can’t change your body & face. So just be happy with what God has gifted you.

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  4. Effie on May 13, 2013

    Your very pretty I think ……..why dont you try a new hair style if your not happy

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  5. jamesuppercutt on May 13, 2013

    stupid scene seeking for attention… do that on fb we are actually trying to help people and not console stupid emo kids

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