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2 Answers

I'm scared to straighten my hair!?

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Ok, so back from 2007-2010 (3/3 and a half years) I would straighten or curl my hair EVERY day. I’d also colour my hair a lot. I’d go from bleach blonde, honey blonde, highlights, lowlights, dark brown/almost black, auburn, etc.
Obviously, my hair got really damaged. So for 2 years I took a complete heat break from my hair. I didn’t straighten it, didn’t curl it (aside for formal occasions, like my prom, but I got that professionally done) and didn’t dye it at all.
I went through my whole final year of high school and my entire first year of university with my natural, wavy-curly, tangled hair (no matter how much I brush it out, my hair always looks crazy and messy).

My hair is finally repaired, and I’d like to straighten/curl my hair again (but not everyday). I just went to straighten it – heated up the iron and everything – but when I went to do it I got terrified that I’d ruin my hair again! Now I’m scared to even test it out!

My questions are: how can I overcome this fear of putting heat to my hair?
Also, how many days a week would you say is good to use heat products?
And what is the best heat-protectant spray/damage prevention?

2 Answers

  1. Candy Fantasy on Aug 09, 2013

    Hi! You’re obviously not irrationally scared; you’ve been burned in the past (sorry, terrible pun) so it’s easy to see why you’re scared. It’s okay! Breathe!!! There are a lot of things you can do to make sure your hair won’t become damaged again.Always, ALWAYS, use a heat protectant. Tresseme has one that I’ve heard great things about and it’s pretty inexpensive. It comes in a gray bottle with a red trigger spray top. I use a random product I got on sale from the Schwarzkopf line that’s made specifically for blowdrying, since that’s what I do most often. You can find heat protectants that are specifically for flat ironing, so it might make you feel more comfortable to use that. Really, just go to any Walmart or Target or drug store and just pick one out that’s good for your price range. Some may work better than others, but as long as you’re using one, that’s fine.I would recommend showering/washing your hair in the evening so you can air dry or sleep on it and straighten it in the morning (avoiding a blow dry in addition will save your hair from more heat). While your hair is damp, put a leave in conditioner in it and before you go to bed, spray it with the heat spray. This will give it the time to really attach itself to your hair. When you wake up, spray it again all over, but MAKE SURE it dries before you start using your flat iron. Any moisture will burn your hair so make sure it’s totally dry!When you’re straightening, make sure you’re using a nice flat iron (you don’t need to go out and buy a new one but consider asking for a really nice ion, ceramic plated iron for christmas or your birthday. The nicer irons are easier on your hair). Also, do your hair in sections, so pin up the entire top part and leave only a third or fourth of your actual hair to straighten. Trying to straighten it all at once doesn’t work, so you’ll be running your iron over the same parts again and again, which would obviously damage those pieces.Try to make your straight hair last at least another day. Dry shampoo is a miracle worker and can make the style last a day more. I wouldn’t straighten it no more than a couple times a week. Every other day would be pushing it, in my opinion. Don’t forget to treat your hair well. Use a hair mask (you can even google your own homemade recipes) and leave it in for half an hour, focusing on your roots. Because you’re using more hair products, consider using a shampoo that clarifies your hair about once a week or once every two weeks; Neutrogena has a great one but another great fix is to just take a handful of baking soda and massage it into your scalp before shampooing like normal. It removes product build up, which will make your hair feel a lot better.And lastly, get it trimmed regularly. It’ll get rid of any split ends.

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  2. Fii on Aug 09, 2013

    Use a heat protectant and you won’t damage your hair Use the treseme one it’s really goodalso use dove damage therapy repair shampoo and conditioner

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